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Question 1 of 36

Q1. What would you like to accomplish through coaching that, if accomplished, would make you feel this was the best coaching program you have ever taken?

Question 2 of 36

Q2: What are the three biggest changes you want to make in your life/business over the next three months?

Question 3 of 36

Q3: What would you say have been your three greatest accomplishments in your life to date?

Question 4 of 36

Q4: What is the hardest thing you have ever had to overcome? And what pulled you through it?

Question 5 of 36

Q5: Who are or have been your major role models?

Question 6 of 36

Q6: What major transitions have you had in the past two years?


(i.e. entering or approaching a new decade of life, a new relationship, a new job, a new role, a new residence, changes in children’s ages/stages of life, separation, divorce, death of a loved one, birth of a child, marriage, etc.)

Question 7 of 36

Q7: Who are the key people in your life and what do they provide for you?

Question 8 of 36

Q8: Is this life one of your choosing? If not, which parts are being chosen for you?

Question 9 of 36

Q9: On a scale of 1-10, 10 = HIGH, provide a number that represents your current level/degree of stress.

Question 10 of 36

Q10: What are your primary stressors?

Question 11 of 36

Q11: List five (5) things that you are tolerating or putting up with in your life at present. 


(i.e. information you cannot find, rude people, poor lighting, tight shoes, dented car, job dissatisfaction, dead plants, broken equipment, old appliances, etc.)

Question 12 of 36

Q12: What are your top 5 values?

Question 13 of 36

Q13: How will you know when you are receiving value (i.e. your money’s worth) from the coaching process?

Question 14 of 36

Q14: What types of approaches discourage you or take away your motivation?

Question 15 of 36

Q15: Which area(s) need to be emphasized for you?

(Select all that apply)



Goal Setting


Control Stress




Communication Skills


Managing People


Presentation Skills




Leadership Skills


Human Relations


Selling Ideas


Decision Making








Closing Skills

Question 16 of 36

Q15 (continued): Why would these areas be important?

Question 17 of 36

Q16: Do you have a personal or professional vision? If so, what is it?

Question 18 of 36

Q17: What would you like to contribute to the world?

Question 19 of 36

Q18: What is a dream or goal you have given up on reaching?

Question 20 of 36

Q19: What part of yourself, if any, have you given up on?

Question 21 of 36

Q20: On a scale of 1-10, 10 = HIGH, rate the quality of the life you lead today:

Question 22 of 36

Q21: The biggest challenge I face in my job/life is…

Question 23 of 36

Q22: What skills are most important to the success of the organization and/or your team within the company over the next year?

Question 24 of 36

Q23: What do you need to improve? Why?

Question 25 of 36

Q24: Why are you here?

Question 26 of 36

Q25: What would you say is the problem?

Question 27 of 36

Q26: How is that a problem?

Question 28 of 36

Q27: How long have you had the problem?

Question 29 of 36

Q28: What happened the first time you had this?

Question 30 of 36

Q29: Is there a purpose for this problem?

Question 31 of 36

Q30: Are you the cause for the creation of this problem? If not, who/what is?

Question 32 of 36

Q31: How will you know when the problem has totally disappeared?

Question 33 of 36

Q32: Why do you want to let go of the problem?

Question 34 of 36

Q33: What will happen when you get your outcome? What will you feel? How will your family (business associates) react to you letting go of your problem?

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Q34: What do you really want, specifically?

Question 36 of 36

Q35: Do you have any physical limitations that we should know about?

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