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Learn how to accelerate your goal achievement and create success sooner!



Does This Sound Like You?


-I’m successful but not where I want to be

-I keep setting some of the same goals year after year

-I start off strong but get easily distracted and don’t stay on track

-I don’t have a system to measure daily, weekly, monthly progress towards my goals

If you can relate... then this Master Class is for you!

Here's What We'll Be Covering In The Webinar:


-How to be the 1% that actually accomplishes their goals.

-Learn the #1 secret on how to follow-through with your action plans.

-2 steps to creating lasting change 

-A goal vs. a preference – how to ignite massive action.

-Gaining and keeping momentum 

-The cycle of success vs. failure

Meet Your Host

Tamara, Master Sales Coach, advises business professionals on how to take their game to entirely new level! She is an accomplished writer and keynote speaker! She has customized a sales process that has inspired thousands of business professionals to run their businesses more efficiently and challenges people to rise above life’s curve balls to achieve their goals. 


"I decided to take Tamara’s Prospecting Mastery Class and because of doing everything she teaches I was able to obtain 2 additional clients the very first month of using her techniques that I, otherwise; would have completely missed had I not taken her course.  My 30+ years of sales experience was telling me one thing but her technique’s helped me close these and many more accounts since.  Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on learning some excellent techniques that you have never been exposed to.  Her techniques work and she teaches in a way that you can use what you learn immediately."

Jeff Todd | Financial Services Professional

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