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How to Get, Retain and Obtain Even More Business – Discover the Secrets of Top Income Earners!  Do you believe your current income is as good as it’s going to get? Do you procrastinate? Is your energy level based on what the economy is doing or what YOU are doing? In this half-day workshop discover the ultimate plan to build your business and learn true lead generation techniques.  Empower yourself with a real execution strategy to build your business and decide the size of your paycheck! Get even more referrals, learn how to lead generate and learn how to innovate your sales career.

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Get More Referrals

  • Leverage your sales so that one sale leads to multiples sales. The easy way to get referrals.

  • Learn how to obtain vertical referrals.

  • Overcome objections like, I’m going to think about it – Win over this objection & earn the business.

  • Learn how to get a 100% call back rate on referral business.

  • Create a referral form & Triple your business.

  • Overcome the dreaded response, “I’ll have them call you”.

  • Get Multiple referrals from every client.

Lead Generation

  • Who to call? When to Call? How to generate more business – Discover where your clients are hiding.

  • Learn how to target the right prospects vs. just obtaining low-lying fruit.

  • Overcome “Do not call lists” and learn how to build a real network.

  • Create a 6 month marketing/prospecting plan.

  • How to follow-up with a lead that went dead and bring it back to life.

  • How to create an environment for the right people to seek you out!

Sales Innovation

  • Learn how to ask better quality questions that lead a prospect to making a decision and buying.

  • Words to avoid (understand how sales people talk prospects OUT of an appointment).

  • Power words – Learn influence techniques to control the emotions of your clients.

  • How to love prospecting (making new friends). Become a professional friend finder!

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"Tamara is an outstanding sales coach because she teaches a specific plan of action to generate more referrals and leads to convert into closed business. She breaks down the plan into easy to execute steps that will get your business/contacts organized and will create immediate results!"

Shawn Tuskey
True Consultants

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