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In coaching a person, there is really only one main reason why someone doesn’t sell more, or progress in their career/life.

It’s the “story” they keep telling themselves as to why they don’t have what they want, or the “story” about why their company is highest price and that’s why their competition gets the business. If this is you or your team, call us for coaching! Anytime someone feels that it might be their resources that are holding them back, I would question their resourcefulness first! Developing new behaviors (rituals) can and will change your life. What if you prioritize your day by doing the hardest thing first? What if you chose to make those cold calls (money producing activity) before you shuffled papers all day? Learn the habits of the most successful!

  • Become a professional action taker

  • How to set & Achieve goals

  • How to change a belief that doesn’t serve you

  • Learn how to model successful people

  • It’s not about your resources, it’s about how resourceful you are!

"Tamara's training will teach you how to organize and manage your contacts and prospects. She also teaches you to overcome your distaste for calling and asking for referrals. Effective prospecting is the best way to increase your sales. Tamara is great!"

Barry Cooper

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