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The Finally! Get Organized Program was designed to take the stress out of selling
Set up your systems so that you can spend more time selling. 

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Anytime someone one calls me, I'm busy. I'm never staring at the wall thinking "I hope someone calls me". You must learn how to tune out what doesn't serve you and distracts your from your goals.


PROCRASTINATION is postponed decisions, which means you don't have enough leverage over yourself to draw the line and get something done!

I've helped thousands of business owners make more sales because they followed my system. It's time to operate from a place of certainty rather than scarcity. 

Find who you actually need to follow up with.

Save money and stop buying expensive systems.

Feel in control of your business.


Finally! Get Organized


Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at all but even if you are a stay-at-home parent, we can get overwhelmed with our kids’ stuff! And if you have more than one child, you absolutely need this!

Forever! You will have both video and
audio versions of each module.

You can email as many questions as you
have to: [email protected]

NONE! That’s right, you MUST get organized in g-mail or outlook before you even consider a CRM. I haven’t found one that I like. The big problem is if you have to do duplicate entry. Also, most apps won’t speak to your phone contacts, which means when someone calls you, it will just be a number and not their name. One of many issues with CRM’s.

No, you must get a handle on what you have and start unsubscribing to junk emails. No need in creating the same problem again with a new email address.

Personally, G-mail has the most updated
system available. It is the most intuitive.

Outlook, while it looks nice, has old
software and there are limitations.

What's Included:



Learn how to create and use a scorecard.

Learn how to make better decisions.

Adapt to a disciplined lifestyle.


The Organization System
Learn how to organize:
Email | Contacts | Calendars | Tasks/To-
Do’s | Documents | Paper

Getting Organized – Outlook
Learn how to set up and use Outlook.

Getting Organized – Gmail
Learn how to set up and use Gmail.

Updates & Basics

How to Organize Everything


Organize your…

Phone + Passwords

Office | House | Closet

Bookmarks Bar - Chrome

Your Notes - APP

Clear Your History/Cache

The Finally Get Organized 3 - Day Challenge


"Tamara knows what she is talking about. She is very down to earth and intelligent; working with her has been a pleasure. If you are looking to learn how to close sales and build a sales system for you that works, I highly recommend buying one of her lessons. I bought the Ultimate Sales Academy, and it has really helped me find my way in the sales industry (which I am fairly new to). It has helped me with organization, business planning, and using effective sales language. I finished the program, but it's great because I can revert back to the program whenever I need a refresher."

Rachel Genovese

"I recently had the pleasure to hear Tamara, who was our keynote speaker, at the Virginia Association of Health Underwriters (VAHU) annual conference. I immediately could relate to her energy and prospecting approaches and because "school is never out for the PRO". I invested in her Ultimate Sales Academy and I'm now working through her systems and finally getting a plan in place and ORGANIZED! I highly recommend hiring her to speak and coach your sales teams. We are already seeing growth!!"

Karen Hudgins

"Great success will be yours when following Tamara Bunte’s proven system when it comes to learning how to prospect the right people, asking for the referral, and sale. I know that when I listen to what she has to say and take action, my income goes up! Who doesn't want that! Learning how to prioritize my day with goals that make money versus time sucks is another area Tamara has nailed!"

Joyce Rosenblum

"I can’t say enough good things about Tamara’s training class. Tamara is funny, entertaining and she knows what she is talking about when it comes to sales. She gives you the verbiage to use to get the door open. She even teaches you how to organize your files. My business has gone up to award level sales as a direct result of taking her class."

Carolyn Green

"Tamara took me from being totally lost and unorganized to totally put together!"

Rene Maxwell

This course is only available with the purchase of the Ultimate Sales Academy.


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