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Do you believe your current income is as good as it’s going to get? Do you procrastinate? Is your energy level based on what the economy is doing or what YOU are doing? In this workshop discover the ultimate plan to build your business and learn how to get and stay organized.  Empower yourself with a real execution strategy to build your business and decide the size of your paycheck!  If you can't find a prospects name you can't call them. If you haven't created a follow-up structure then you are winging it.  Learn Tamara's simple system to maximize your sales.


Organize Paper and Technology

  • Emails | Contacts | Calendars | Tasks + To-Do's | Documents.

  • Learn How to Manage Distractions

  • How to Organize Your Inbox to Reduce Anxiety Due to An Overwhelming Flood of Emails
  • How to Find What you Need within 30 Seconds
  • Create a Time Management System that You Can Actually Follow

"Tamara is an outstanding sales coach because she teaches a specific plan of action to generate more referrals and leads to convert into closed business. She breaks down the plan into easy to execute steps that will get your business/contacts organized and will create immediate results!"

Shawn Tuskey
True Consultants

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