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Our executive coaching program trains and enables you to attain your personal and professional outcomes. This program is based off of The Top 10 Skills of Top Income Earners.  Do you ever wonder why some people are more successful than others?  Or why we might be motivated in one area of life but can’t seem to get motivated in another area?  Learn to master your emotions and hone in your skill sets to become the best version of yourself.

Session #1 Setting & Achieving Goals: 

  • What if you could achieve every goal you set!
  • Learn what it takes to accomplish your goals and be continuously motivated.
  • Set two -2 month goals to set and achieve!
  • Develop discipline and renew your enthusiasm for what is possible
  • Learn the strategies of the most successful (professionally and personally)

Session #2 Telephone Skills/Follow up:

  • Identify your plan (system to follow)
  • Accountability (Money-producing activity)
  • Getting past the gatekeeper, leaving voicemail & communicating with prospects & Customers
  • The ultimate success formula
  • Learn how to stay consistent to achieve personal and professional goals

Session #3 Prospecting (making new friends):

  • The sales cycle Step #1 Building rapport – How to get anybody to like you
  • Learn how to build a better relationship with yourself! and build stronger relationships with others (soft skills)
  • Learn how to stay focused and reduce stress
    • Relationship Quiz

Session #4 Time Management/Productivity: 

  • Learn how to manage your time & organize your space and leads
  • 9 Laws of persuasion – Become a person of influence
  • Learn how to read eye movements & body language (advanced Rapport Building)

Session #5 State-of-Mind Management: 

  • Learn how to manage your state (Energy) regardless of your circumstances
  • Learn how to change a belief
  • How to eliminate anxiety & Focus on your outcomes
  • End Self-Sabotage 
  • Learn how to get past any emotional block
  • Session #6 Presenting/Influence (The Sales Cycle Made Easy):
  • Learn how to become a “Doctor of Selling”
  • Learn the questioning process to create interest in you and your product
  • How to sell instead of being sold
  • Learn language patterns to negotiate and influence

Session #7 Overcoming Objections: 

  • Create new responses to objections with an influence twist!
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people
  • Understand why customers quit
  • 10 steps to handling any objection

Session #8 Obtaining Referrals:

  • Learn how to ask and obtain new clients from referral sources
  • Learn how to win anybody to your way of thinking
  • Quiz Top 10 skills 

Bonus material:  Cross Sell/Up Sell – Closing the Sale

  • The psychology of closing
  • Test closes
  • 10 Ways to close the sale
  • Systems and guidelines for marketing

Coaching Session Investment:

Public Class: Minimum 8 people, maximum 20 people per class.

Call to Register:  704-247-8333

"Tamaraโ€™s course has been a great asset to my business and my personal life. Because of her course I have achieved my 8 โ€“ week goal of $40,000 I would suggest that anyone who wants to be more successful in business take her class."

Steven Mueller
Keller Williams - Southpark

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