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The meaning of the communication is the response you get!  Becoming a master persuader from the front of the room is a skill and an art form.  You must be able to win over the entire audience.

A great speaker is able to gain rapport with everyone and keep their attention.  When you can lead an audience to feel anything you want them to feel – you have won.  You have the power to make them laugh or cry.  What makes a great speaker is that the audience remembers it and more importantly was able to go to their own “mental mall” meaning that they were able to apply it to their own lives.  It’s not about what I say, it’s about what my audience needs to hear.

  • 30 Second commercial + Call to action – how to make it outstanding

  • Presentation Guidelines-it’s not about what I “say” it’s about what my audience needs to hear.

  • How to create emotion in your audience – Telling stories

  • 11 Advanced speaking techniques

"Tamara is an AMAZING Sales Coach and Keynote Speaker. I have gone through her Get Organized class as well as her 2 day Prospecting Mastery class that she has you pick up the phone and make calls right in front of the class, and although it was nerve racking I literally closed a 5K deal right there on the phone! I have also had Tamara as a keynote speaker at 2 organizations that I am part of and I still hear from some of the attendees about how great her presentation was. If you are looking for a keynote speaker for your event or a highly qualified sales coach, look no further."

Douglas Morris

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