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It’s been said that the top 5 people you hang out with, says a lot about what your income is.  If your 5 closest friends earn 50k a year then chances are you do to.

Want to increase your pay?  Find even more friends that earn the amount of money that you want to have.  When you spend time with people that earn more money than you, chances are their money psychology will wear off on you as well.  In business today, it’s not about who you know, it’s really more about who wants to know you.  Learn how to get anybody to like you; what it takes to build trust and have people knocking down your door!

  • Who wants to hang out with you?  Are they winners or losers?

  • How to solve problems and provide so much value that people seek you out

  • Are you chasing down top clients or are they knocking on your door

  • Learn how to win people to your way of thinking

"Tamara is the best! Her professionalism and passion to hone your skills are unmatched. She has a fun, easy-to-understand way of teaching salespeople how to approach, interact, and close some powerful sales conversations. I highly recommend Tamara to any business or individual that wants to take their salesforce to the next level."

Justus Koester

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