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If you are in sales you are a “professional friend finder!” Your input determines your output. If you don’t make calls you won’t make as much money. You have to realize that calling is not about you, it’s about solving a problem for the person on the other end of the phone. This presentation reveals the selling secrets to take your sales career to the next level.

Key Points:

  • Breakthrough Your Sales Quota
  • How to Obtain Vertical Referrals (The Classy Way)

  • The Secrets of Selling - How to Make Even More Money

  • How to have Powerful Conversations and Earn New Business

  • Sales phrases that work! Words to Avoid & Power Words 
  • Phone Skills - What it Takes to Get Past the Gatekeeper!

Takeaway Message:

Let’s say you are in financial services - many people might think that someone in that field is just another commodity. But, 85+% of people at age 65 are flat broke!  I would say, “who sold 85% of the population on the being broke at age 65 plan? So, if I were a financial adviser, I would determine that by not cold calling you are doing a disservice to the entire population. Sure people have a plan but maybe their plan is to put money under their pillow. Maybe they have never re-evaluated their plan and if another adviser doesn’t call, then they lose out on the opportunity to create an even better plan. Wouldn’t you agree that the majority of the population could use a call from a financial Adviser?  Let's talk about what “sales” really is. Selling is giving people the opportunity to buy something that they didn’t know they needed, wanted, or even had in their budget. Order taking (not cold calling or making any outbound calls) is: facilitating a sale that would have occurred anyway. It’s time to learn how to love prospecting and actually be awesome at it! 

"I was reluctant to hire a sales “call” trainer since I despise making phone calls. With Tamara’s system everything became easier. The 1st call I made resulted in a new listing. Tamara Rocks!"

Jeff Sharp
My Townhome Realty

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