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3 Tips to Increasing Prosperity – Sales Prospecting

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2019

#1 Give thanks with gifts – “Stop paying for referrals” 

One of the fastest ways to increase income is to refresh your referral strategy.  Too many companies are giving out cash or gift cards in-return for referrals.  This is not very classy.  It’s as bad as inviting yourself over to someones home.  I’m from the south and it’s just plain rude to force your way into someones home or business for that matter.  It’s best to ask “in a classy way” for referrals and in-fact you are not even allowed to use the word “referrals” when asking for referrals.  Once you obtain a referral and it turns into paid business then “mail” a gift (gift card, check or present with your logo on it) This then puts you in a position where your client is so happy they WANT to give you even more referrals.  If however, you decide to pay for referrals i’m afraid you are turning into the grinch :/ the give to get mentality will affect your paycheck in a much larger way than taking the classier approach.

#2 Asking for Introductions “Stop making your clients do your job” 

The next big mistake of a poorly trained sales person is making their client do their job for them.  This puts the sales person in a “waiting duck” position and hoping that their client does their job for them.    Wouldn’t it be better to build the relationship?  Plus, if they make the introduction, you don’t know what they will say.  Most likely they’ll talk their friend out of a sale for you, or worse, your client will say: “Hey you should meet with xyz,” and then the friend will say: “Oh I already have a (realtor, financial advisor, health insurance advisor etc).” AND, I promise you that your client will not be able to handle the objections.   You won’t have their information to actually call and then you have to chase your client down to find out what happened.  Once you do get them on the phone, they will most likely say:  “Oh I haven’t talked to them yet.”  It’s like making a cold call and asking if they got your flyer in the mail.  Not effective.  If your client requests to give you an introduction, suggest they do it by email and to copy you or ask for their contact information so that when they do call you will know who it is.  2019 sales is going to require a shift in how you build business.

 #3  Stop Doing Business with Scorpions “Identify your target market” 

 (The Scorpion and the Frog) One day a scorpion that lived in a dark and dingy cave near a mountain grew tired of his surroundings and wanted a change.  He noticed that the valley across the river was very green. He crawled up to the riverbank and wondered how to cross it. Suddenly, he noticed a frog leaping around. “Hello, Mr. Frog, would you carry me to the other side of the river?”, asked the scorpion. The frog replied, “I would but you see I don’t trust scorpions.”  “All scorpions are not bad,” the scorpion answered.  “If I sting you on the way I will die for I do not know how to swim,” he explained. Now the frog saw enough reason in the scorpion’s statement and agreed to carry him across the river. So the scorpion hopped on to the frog’s back and they set out on the journey. The frog paddled his limbs through the water as fast as he could. Half way through the journey, he suddenly felt a sharp sting on his back. “Why did you sting me? Now both of us shall drown,” cried the frog. “What can I do, for this is my nature,” replied the unrepentant scorpion. The frog and the scorpion immediately drowned in the gushing water.

I have met a lot of scorpions on my journey; they were sneaky just like the scorpion in this story.  You must be able to identify the scorpions. Many times they are in disguise.  They can wear the same business suit as a good person, but beware, they will always sting you.  If you ever hear someone say, “It’s just business”, beware! That is code for “I’m cheating you.”  I was doing training for a company out in the Midwest and I knew that the owner was not woven from the right thread. I knew he was a scorpion and when he made millions from my strategies he didn’t pay me what he owed me. Many “dollars” still remain outstanding.   I will never forget what my father told me.  He said, “Are you really surprised?  You knew what kind of person you were dealing with. He is a scorpion.” It is better to “pass” on an opportunity in business if you know the business owner is not ethical, and continue working to build new business.  Just remember, even if you put makeup on a pig, it’s still a pig!  Be careful and never violate your own values for a paycheck.  There are awesome people out there to work with — you just have to go and find them.  What I’ve noticed working with thousands of sales people is that you might be able to “identity your target market” but are you calling on the people that have enough money for your services?  If you’re in mortgages are you calling on realtors that are making money or on realtors that are struggling?  It’s a choice who you do business with!  let’s step up our game for 2019.