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The Forgiveness Factor

We have been told that forgiveness is a choice, and it is.  But if you don't align your emotions to match that choice, you will be like a house built on the sand.  Just a little wind (more anger and resentment) will be like the wind and your house will fall over because your foundation will be weak. So, how do you know if you have truly forgiven someone?  The answer is, are you willing to bless that person?  If your heart still wants revenge rather than revelation to God's obedience and truly wanting goodness to come to a person, then you will be like a house built on the sand. 

How do we get there?  How can you experience revival for yourself?  Revival is just restoration back to being your true self and letting God heal your broken heart.  

It starts with recognizing that you are not at peace.  Then speaking out loud, saying the name of the person you hold bitterness towards, ____I forgive you for_____.  Then you keep saying (out loud) ____I forgive you for.... until it breaks.

This might seem simple or simplistic but you must speak out loud your hearts choice to forgive and then every time something comes up in your mind that angers you, say it again until it breaks.  

last week I was so angry, my faith was so weak i was angry for days, in fact an entire week of my life was wasted being angry at the injustice that was in front of me.  It wasn't until a dear friend of mine, helped me get restored back to the peace of God.  I had to repent (which means to turn from your ways) for being angry, staying angry and not trusting God.  

The bible says to forgive seven times seventy times.  Which infers that we have to walk in forgiveness.  I find that working with clients that unforgiveness trips them up more than anything else.  

I'm a sales coach, and i want to encourage you to buy what i am offering, a life of peace despite your circumstances. How to have joy, when your happiness is low.  How to have faith when all you seem to be around is fear. 

"I am the light of light, whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life" John 8:12