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A Christian Sales Woman’s Approach to Selling

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2019

As a Christian business woman, I found myself struggling how to live out my faith in a secular business world.  I had just written a Christian Sales book, Proverbs for Selling – Mastering Sales through prospecting referrals & Discipline and was being asked to speak at conventions for non-Christian companies.  I had a company say, I love your book Tamara but you mention Jesus in your book and that might be offensive to some people.  It’s a good thing God made me a sales trainer, because we all are in sales.  I now needed to sell these companies on Jesus.

“Do not let kindness and truth leave you, bind them around your neck and write them on the tablet of your heart” Proverbs 3:3

How could I be kind and speak the truth at the same time?  I told the meeting planner that I appreciated what she said and that if someone hasn’t accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior that they certainly have to respect that Jesus was the best Salesman that ever walked the earth because he sold more books than anyone else, “The Bible” she smiled and said, “you’re booked”

I had a hard time discovering out in the business world, how to find more faith based associates.  So, I decided to start the Christian Business Chamber, our motto is: “Friendship first, business second, God in everything” This non-profit not only brought me more faith-based friends but it helps support men and women of faith to strengthen their faith in a secular world void of Christian moral principles.  God has blessed this organization and we have created a national presence.

Now, I have learned even more ways to be who I am, a Christian woman in the workplace not just in the workplace and happen to be a Christian.  Being kind and speaking the truth in a classy way helps people see who Jesus really is rather than fearing judgement or creating division.


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