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Uncategorized Oct 30, 2019

Is it the economy or is it me? Sales Statistics that will move you to disciplined action 

We’ve all heard sales’ is a numbers game. And in today’s market sales professionals that follow the rules are succeeding. If you call a prospect up to three times your success ratio is only 5%. There is absolutely no statistical evidence that calling 3 times is a good idea, the statistics prove 5+ times increases your odds by over 80%!  Only 12% of sales people even call three times. Why? Could it be that businesses are screaming for true sale professionals? I would say absolutely!  Discipline to follow proven strategies to succeed is how you will win in the game called sales.

The definition of an order taker is: To facilitate a sale that would have occurred anyway. The economy is highlighting good and bad habits. Here’s the good news; your success ratio jumps to 80% when you practice the discipline of calling your prospect a minimum of 5 times. In fact 80% of all sales are made on the 5th -12th contact. So, why do most sales people fail to follow this basic law of sales? The answer is, by choice.  If you don’t know what to say on the 4th voicemail, then you need training and then the discipline to follow the structure to be successful.     But why would someone choose to fail? I would answer that by saying why would anyone in his or her right mind smoke a cigarette? It says on the box that you will basically die from it. The answer is we do more to avoid pain then to gain pleasure. So, if a sales person does not like to pick up the phone, then they will go out of their way to avoid the phone, ie e-mailing etc. If a sales person likes to pick up the phone, then they will more than likely succeed in today’s market.  A sales professional has better odds calling a prospect for the 4th time than calling another prospect for the second time.  If you can practice the discipline to restrain from your emotions, you will win more often.

The key to discipline is wanting your goal more than the temporary pleasure

If you have your purpose and have set a goal but notice within the first two weeks that you are not doing what is necessary to get to that goal, then you need leverage.  You must put yourself in an environment where you are empowered to change.  “Burn the boats to get the island” simply means you have to put yourself in a position where the only option is to succeed. You must only focus on getting results.  To do this you may need a coach as an accountability partner.

The key to freedom is discipline, and discipline is the fruit of purpose ~Tamara Bunte