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Uncategorized Apr 15, 2020

“What the heart is filled with the lips will overflow with”

From years of executive coaching, I’ve decoded the secret to prosperity. It lies in one statement: “See your future as brilliant.” What does that mean? It means if you don’t have a compelling future you’ll fall susceptible to giving up. “People without a vision perish.” Considering the state of the economy. Sixty-three per cent of Americans say that they believe the best times are behind them; that the quality of their lives and their children’s lives will not be as good. The problem with this, is once you believe this, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you stop trying, it becomes learned helplessness. Less than 20% of Americans feel they have control of their financial future. I’m sure if you’re reading this you are not one of those people. You can’t control what happens around you all of the time, and you can’t control what you think all of the time, in fact sometimes you can’t control what thoughts pop into your mind…but you can control what you “call to your mind!” That means it might be cloudy outside, your resources might be low, but guess what?

You can tap into your resourcefulness!

You can let your light shine inside of you. You can move forward with the strengths you have verses the weakness that you carry. If you don’t protect your precious valuables (your internal thoughts, feelings and precious memories), you succumb to weakness.

So … I have a little dog named Scoobie, and I have finally broken down and got a dog trainer. I have to say it’s been extremely fulfilling. I thought, “Yes I’m paying a lot of money for this trainer,” and I have to admit I didn’t really believe she (scoobie) could be trained because if any of you have spent time with me and Scoobie, you would know my dog associates carpet to the “bathroom”; she is nicknamed the “Pee Monster” lol.

So we started off teaching her to sit, MIRACLE alert…it worked. Scoobie now started to sit when I told her to. And before I knew it, Scoobie started coming to me when I said “come.” Now I will tell you right off that it’s “Scoobie’s world” and I live in it. She has a mind of her own but it’s fascinating to watch her actually get trained.

Maybe it’s time to train your mind? When you need to go to the gym do you actually go, regardless of how you feel, or do you succumb to your feelings? I’m a big believer that we must walk by faith…not by feelings. When you need to “cold call,” do you do it with enthusiasm or do you find excuses? You might pick up the phone but if you don’t train yourself how to get filled up with enthusiasm during that time, in my opinion it would be better to take the day off and get Happy. The old saying, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” is equally true. It’s not doing it…it’s how you are doing it! You can have two sales people and one person is excited about selling and the other is not. They both are required to make the same number of calls…but one makes more money…you get the picture…Could you use some training?