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How to Reduce Stress & Worry

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2019

How to Stop Stressing and Create Harmony Peace & Joy ~ By Tamara Bunte

Anxiety, panic attacks, worry and stress are experiences that I am very familiar with, in fact I created an entire CD program dedicated to it because as a sales coach, how can I support someone to making more money if they feel like they are going to be sick when picking up the phone, or when the loss of a contract plummets them into a tailspin of grief and fear?

A joyful heart makes a cheerful face, but when the heart is sad, the spirit is broken.  The mind of the intelligent seeks knowledge. (Proverbs 15:13-14) 

Whatever your heart is filled with your lips will overflow with.  You must guard your heart, which means you must be on guard to what you allow your thoughts to think about.  This ultimately means you must control your environment.  It doesn’t matter how motived you are or how strong willed you can be, your imagination is stronger than your will.  If you allow negative people, environments, and words to enter into your consciousness, they will remain.  That’s why watching horror movies is so bad,  It may seem silly or entertaining at the time, but the pictures of what you watch will be held in your subconscious mind.  To guard your heart, you must guard your thoughts.  In order to guard your thoughts you must consciously choose your friends, what moves you watch and what environments you enter.

“You can’t talk defeat and expect victory” ~ Tamara Bunte

If you want to be good at tennis, associate with people that are good at tennis.  If you want to find wealthy business professionals, work in the lunge of a five-star hotel.  Have you ever noticed that broke people hand out with broke people?  It’s easy to give when you have a surplus of funds.  It’s easy to be nice to nice people.  It’s equally as easy to be nice to mean people when you haven’t been the victim of an offense.  However, what if you are doing what God wants you to do, what if you’re living for him and living his way, doing the right thing, but then someone does you wrong or steals from you or turns the people that are supposed to be for you against you?

What happens when life isn’t fair, when the shady sales guy takes an account from you, gets away with it, and prospers because of it?  At one point or another we all get tested.  In fact, the bible clearly states that we will be tested, but how do we pass the test and remain strong in godliness and escape the corruption of the world?

When your faith is tested, when you are the victim of someone else’s bad choices and you wonder where God is, you will have to make a choice.  Will you remain bitter, angry, and plotting plans of revenge in your mind?  How long will you allow the mistakes and bad choices of others to keep your blood boiling? Winning in the name of Jesus means losing your right to get even, to seek revenge in your heart, to lose the right to pray for harm for that person, and to lose the pleasure of basking in joy when they eventually do fall.  To win for Jesus, you have to forgive and let them walk.

Better is a dish of vegetables where love is than a fattened ox served with hatred. (Proverbs 15:17) 

Counteracting Disempowering beliefs

In order to change a belief, you need to have a new references  and reasons to support it.  Once you start to change your thinking, you might find that your mind gets flooded with old disempowering beliefs.  That’s natural.  It’s like a test asking you if you really want to change.  To counteract these disempowering beliefs , you need to move these out of your active files and replace then with empowering beliefs.

I did this by imaging a folder on my desktop computer.  That folder is on the left side of my “mind” screen and is called “things I no longer believe.” I place a mental picture that represents something I no longer believe-in,  like Santa clause, on my folder.  Anytime an old belief comes up that I no longer choose to believe, I picture myself typing it up and dragging it into that folder.

Now, on the right side of my mind screen, I create a new folder that says “things I know to be true.” I think of my dog Scoobie.  I know that she loves me and nothing will take that away, so my new folder has a picture of Scoobie on it.  Every-time I have a new empowering belief come up. I type it up and drag it into the folder.

I teach sales people to take this a step further and imagine someone they view as successful in the area in which they are trying to build new beliefs.  Then imagine stepping into that person and borrowing from them their beliefs and modeling their energy.

Our fatigue is often cause not by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment. ~ Dale Carnegie 

Dale Carnegie has written, what I believe to be the best book on stress.  “How to stop worrying and start living”  In it he gives tools to reduce stress and what I find most powerful is he talks about how the problem with anxiety is that most people don’t see their future as brilliant. Meaning, anxiety is future based, worrying about a future event.  So when we learn how to master our thoughts, we master our emotions and then we decide how any event is to affect us.


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