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Increase Sales Performance Now!

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2019

If you want to increase sales performance you must adapt to the mindset, “eventually everybody buys”…They just don’t always buy when we need a commission.  You get compensated on each call you make and commissioned on some of them, which means you must pick up the phone more often!

It is impossible to manage what you don’t measure.  What’s interesting in the world of coaching is the top reasons why coaches fail in their own coaching business.  Here are the top 3 reasons

  1. They don’t have a coach for themselves (they don’t invest in themselves)

 2. They don’t know how to sell their services

 3. They charge per hour

If I were to tell you why most salespeople fail at making the income they desire here are the top 3 reasons:

1. They don’t love selling, thus they don’t invest in themselves (usually have a bad attitude and blame everything but their poor efforts)

2. They don’t know what they sell or can’t articulate why someone should buy from them versus their competition

3. They don’t know their hourly pay.  Meaning, they spend time doing $10 an hour activities when really they are worth $500 an hour if they were to spend it doing money producing activity.

 The bottom line:  The best way to get motivated is to be around motivated people because you can match and mirror their energy and attitude.  The best way to make money in sales is to spend time with people that are actually making money in sales! You will then be able to model their systems and strategies and start to have a stronger sense of urgency.

How does a company set themselves up for success?

How do you hire the right talent?

How do you enhance performance?

Have you ever met an executive that has the power to run a sales team, but wouldn’t or couldn’t pick up the phone and make a cold call if his/her life depended on it? A true leader will lead by example.  In order to get a team working together and to inspire an attitude of enthusiasm for prospecting and intentional growth, a true leader must be willing to go first.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could just tell someone to go and make sixty calls a day and set two appointments or tell the person that wants to lose weight to just eat less and workout? Why is it we see only a small percentage of people following these seemingly easy directions to achieve success?  To start to get cooperation, you want to start asking instead of telling.

The key is to draw out the strategies from your team, then benchmark their strategy against the company’s success structure.

Ask your team what their individual goals are and coach them through what “they” want to be held accountable to rather than shoving sales numbers down their throats. We must inspire rather than control.

Many times when I work with an executive team, I hand out a blank 3×5 card and ask each executive to write out the company’s vision and mission statements. Sadly, I rarely get the same answers. It is impossible to hit a target that you can’t see. It is the leader’s responsibility to lead a team to one compelling vision.  Once the vision is established, having each individual salesperson define their own goals within a parameter of success is the key to success, and carrying out the mission.  A salesperson then can set their own goals while abiding by the basic sales metrics. This will make them more likely to succeed in reaching their goals and increasing sales performance!

Once they have picked which level they will commit to, they need to develop their formula for success and then have their manager hold them accountable to follow the plan. The key is to then measure the results in the first two weeks. If they do not stick to the plan they themselves have developed, it is obvious that they are not fully committed to that income level or goal.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it.”–Albert Einstein

What Makes a Company Great?

The people! Do you have the right people on board? Once you determine if you have the right people, which is usually determined within the first two weeks of employment, you need to decide what kind of culture you want to create. In order to make your people truly great you want to have each salesperson take these steps:

Step #1: Have each person decide what they want and why they want it? Make sure it is in alignment with the company vision and mission.

Step #2: Have each person find a model of success and interview that model.

Step #3: Have them set up their own process to achieve their own desired results. (make sure there is accountability)

Show them how to take what works from other people, borrow their ideas, and leave behind what doesn’t work for them. You will be developing a great company that will benefit all of those involved!

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