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Uncategorized Mar 18, 2020

Have you ever noticed that your “head” may be telling you one thing and your “heart” is telling you another?

Love is stronger than logic. This is true because think about someone you know that smokes cigarettes. Do they logically know it’s bad for them, yes? Smoking usually has an emotional attachment to it, otherwise anyone in his or her right mind would read the label and stay away. This applies to dating, do you know, or have you known someone that had dated a complete loser? You try to be the “voice of reason” but they continue to go back to the loser, why? Because there is an emotional connection. Logic will not win over the “will”. This is important to know in sales b/c if you sell just based on price you will seldom win. Have you ever bought something that you couldn’t afford? Why? Because we became emotional in one-way or another to the product.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions…” Do your outcomes turn out as you have intended? Sometimes we want something but our method of getting what we want might not work. You may know someone like me, who wanted to stop drinking Diet coke for the past 5 years. My intentions were good and innocent, but my method of getting what I wanted did not work. Many times our intentions are pure but our approach is flawed. You can’t fail unless you give up! I am happy to report to you that after changing my plan and approach, I am now Diet Coke free.

This week is about the peace that comes with being Thankful! Let us focus on what we do have. Make an effort to focus on “the heart” seeing, feeling and hearing words of joy. If you are angry “furious” towards anyone just make a small shift to being “curious” The brain is a linking mahine and 90% of all Text messages and emails are misinterpreted. If someone, a relative gets angry quickly that usually means that they are hurt. The more intense the anger the more hurt someone is. So, if someone is hurt give him or her a hug. It will make all the difference. If you hold on to pain if you don’t forgive it’s probable that you will become what you hate in others. As my mom always says, let go and let God!

-Forgive those that hurt you and love those that don’t deserve it –

I’ve been asked to send out more newsletters! I never in a million years thought I would be considered to be any type of writer, you know I would have been a 4.0 student if it wasn’t for English lol but sometimes the written word can clarify matters of the heart. These newsletters have been quite therapeutic for me so I’m glad that you enjoy them

The difference between knowledge and wisdom is ACTION!