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Win the Chief...Win the Tribe

I started out my career as a life coach and still get calls today to help teenagers.  What I learned early on is that I can help the child but if I don't help the parent (the chief) problems still persist.  

It's the same with a sales team.  Weekly I get asked to train sales staff but it's the leadership (the chiefs)  that must create the systems to influence the sales team.  There is an old saying that "A tree dies from the tips in, not the roots up." I'm usually the mediator between upper managment and a sales team.  There is usually two different perspectives on what is wrong.  The biggest gap is a lack of systems and processes.  There must be a benchmark for results! 

Anytime a new sales person is hired they come with good habits and bad habits and I promise you, they don't come knowing your expectations.  

If you don't have standards in place, everyone will set their own standards ~ 
This is the danger zone! 


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