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5 Ways to Destroy Procrastination (you should read later…LOL)

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2019

How to Stop Procrastinating (starting tomorrow)

Procrastination, the opposite of making a “Decision,” is a common enemy of us all.  Without mastering decision-making we may, over time, become skilled in what we despise: procrastination.   I like to think of procrastination as just “postponed decisions,” but it’s been proven over and over again that putting off making decisions results in feeling down about yourself, proves a decrease or lack of financial gain, and can create massive confusion in one’s aspirations.  Confusion is the chief cause of worry, tension, and stress.   If you are confused as to where to put a certain document, and just place that document on a pile on your desk, you are in-fact delaying making a decision and you will inevitably feel overwhelmed.  Lack of systems and processes can create so much inner stress. And, if you clean up that pile, but then another pile piles up, it still means that you have not made a definite decision on where to place your documents.  Then you’ll succumb to feeling helpless and become a statistic.  Statistics show us today that the average person spends ten hours a week looking for information.  TEN HOURS!  What would you do with an extra ten hours if you had it?  Learn how to destroy procrastination.  Make decisions and have a system in place to support you.

#1 – Perfectionism is a sign of Procrastination 

My mother, who is a writer,  always said, “Don’t get it right just get it written.”

If it has to be perfect before you will do it, chances are it won’t get done.  Perfectionism can be a sign of insecurity in being able to do things totally right.  Perhaps it’s time to let go of other people’s perceptions and just get started.

#2 – Fire your IT person if he hasn’t done these two main things for your company

 If you or any of your employees doesn’t have their work-email on their phone!

With the technology we have today it’s surprising how inefficient companies are today.  If your employees can only access their email at their work desk and not on their cell phone, I would ask:  “Are your employees committed to doing what is best for the customer and actually knowing what’s going on?”  If the employee doesn’t want work-emails on his cell phone, I will tell you right now, that that person is not committed to your company.   Technology isn’t the enemy it’s the lack of systems and boundaries that we have not put in place.  There is this really cool button on the iphone settings called “do not disturb” so that means everything still comes through but you can schedule this “time off” let’s say, while you sleep so that you don’t wake up at 2am because you heard a noise from your phone indicating that you got an email.  We must set boundaries but we also must be efficient.

If you pay an IT person hundreds-of-dollars an hour and your employees are still using paper calendars, paper follow-up systems, and still have thousands of emails in their inbox — and your company uses Outlook!…

Why can’t an IT person teach a sales person how to press the follow-up button? Why not align technology with business needs?  It’s time to enter the 21st century with your IT person.

If you want someone who’s awesome and  has been trained by Advanced Results in true organizational skills using Outlook — and knows how to increase your business’ efficiency with our tools, call Antoine Wright

Antoine Wright
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#3 – Daily Must

Pick “one thing” to do each day that is a money producing activity and takes less than 10 minutes.  Do this first thing in the morning if you find that you don’t follow through on your commitments to yourself.  What is the “one thing” you can do every day, regardless of what’s going on in your day, that can fill your pipeline and make you feel successful?  Maybe you could send one postcard to a past client.  Call one person from linkedin.  Make one cold call.  Or call one client and ask for a referral.

Start now.

#4 – Move forward with the strengths you have rather than the weaknesses that you carry 

If you can condition yourself to “Walk by Faith” and not by feelings, you will have what we call “emotional mastery.”  This is a spiritual discipline that takes practice.  Practice makes “permanent” not “perfect.”  It’s easy to focus on the negative, but you must condition yourself to see the good, even if it is tiny.  Whatever you focus on will grow.  If you feed the negative by thinking about it, and talking about it, eventually you will do it.  Choose the positive!

#5 – Procrastinator?  No, I just wait until the last second to do my work because I will be older, therefore wiser.

I was working with a salesperson on his prospecting skills and I asked him to make a call to a past client, and to ask for a referral.  I got excuse-after-excuse-after-excuse.  I said, “Just write out a few lines of what you would say.”  Forty-five minutes later I received “one line” and a note that said, “I’ll wait to take your class before I make any calls.”  LOL

I will say that if you take my “Prospecting Mastery, Dialing for Dollars Class,” you will stop procrastinating, be extremely productive, and make lots of extra money you didn’t think existed! But I will also tell you that even if you barely speak English and mumble on the phone, you will get more business than someone that is skilled, but doesn’t pick up the phone. It’s time to act!