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The difference between “Knowledge” and “Wisdom” Why do some “know” what to do but others “execute?”

sales coach Jun 03, 2020

The difference between “Knowledge” and “Wisdom”
Why do some “know” what to do but others “execute?”

There is a huge gap today between what people “know” and what people actually “practice.” I was working with a group of real-estate sales agents and asked the audience, “Who here likes to go running?” Of the 200 people 10 people actually liked running. Of the 190 that remained, I asked, “Do you run even though you don’t like it?” Zero hands went up. It dawned on me that if you don’t like to do something like make “Cold Calls”, you simply don’t do them. If you like to run you will learn how to be really good at it. If you like to prospect you will want to get really good at it, too.

As a Sales Coach picking up the phone for me is easy, but only because i've practiced how to do it the right way.  When it comes to maybe, working out :/ I need an accountability coach and I need to find a model of success (someone that likes working out) to model after.  

So, how does someone become “wise”? Age does not guarantee wisdom; if it did then we would see many more healthy elderly people. So that being said, what you “practice” you become! Practice does not “make Perfect” practice makes “permanent” If you practice poor eating habits you will be unhealthy, even though you may know what is good for you. If you are playing tennis and you hit the ball in the net 100 times, you just learned how to hit the ball in
the net 100 times.

The results that you have are a direct reflection of what you are “practicing” on a consistent basis. So, why do some people love to run? They simply have reasons to support their choice and strategies that make them love it.

If you want to love what most people hate, (like cold calling), all you have to do is find someone that loves it and do what they do. The best way to “get motivated” is to be around someone that is already motivated.

To be wise you must think the thoughts of the wise ones, “practice” the disciplines that they possess, and you will become that which you “practice!”

-Tamara Bunte 

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