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How To Tell If You Are Organized? Discipline + Organization = Goal Achievement

sales coach Aug 26, 2020

Did you achieve your 2019 goals? 

Your results are tied to your organization.  I hear the critics, “I’m successful but I’m not organized” as a coach I would challenge what success means to you?  What is your benchmark to determine your success level?  The average sales person spends 10 hours a week looking for information!  The way to determine if you are organized is if you can find something within 30 seconds and I don’t mean searching for someones phone number from an email signature.  Organization is a mindset and a system.  Typically people have two, new years resolutions.  Make more money and lose weight.  The main reason so many people don’t accomplish their resolutions is because they don’t set themselves up for success and they typically have the same thought/energy level that they stay stuck in.   In order to break free from the strongholds of last year we must do something different, we must make tiny shifts.

The process to get organized!

  • One email account per business
  • One electronic calendar (personal and business feed into one)
  • One place to host all of your contacts (you phone contacts must back up to a cloud system)
  • One place to for “to do’s” and Tasks” (must be electronic)

It’s all about rituals not willpower.  You must have a system or you will get overwhelmed with stuff piling up.

  • Do you have less than 100 emails in your email inbox?
  • Do you have your contacts organized into category groups?
  • Do you have a followup structure for all or your contacts?
  • Do you have a written sales plan for prospecting and marketing?
  • Do you have a scorecard to benchmark your success habits?

Do you have rituals that lead you to reach your goals (success) or do your rituals lead you to a path of more overwhelm?


Goal Achievement Process: 

#1 Set a Goal (specific)

#2 Get a plan (interview someone that has the result you desire and model them)

#3 Put your action plan into your electronic calendar ( intentions are not decisions ) 

Setting a goal means making a decision, which is to cut off all other options. The problem is most people are not making decisions they are articulating preferences.  It sounds like this, I’d like to lose 15 pounds, I’d like to pay off my debt, I’d like to go to Europe next year.  A goal set sounds like this, I am 15 pounds lighter, I have 20k in excess in the bank, I am going to Paris march 3-10, 2022.  Now if you don’t have a plan what you are doing is making a wish!  I wish I was 15 pounds lighter, I’d prefer to be debt free, I’d like to have 20k in the bank.

We should have a clear, specific vision of the destination to be reached, and the dangers to be avoided. Otherwise we simply drift and accept our circumstances as our only reality.  Goal setting is powerful because it directs our focus.  A good analogy is comparing a goal to a magnifying glass.  If you focus (set a goal) against the sunlight at just the right angle and hold it there perfectly still and let the rays be focused on one spot the effect will become immediately apparent, but the magnifying glass possess no particular strength as long as the glass is moved about and the rays directed from one place to another.  You see what you focus on will direct your thoughts, what you mediate on long enough, will come out of your mouth and what you speak over and over will form your behaviors and thus make up your beliefs. Remember, always state what you want without limitations.  If you would like to retire with 1 million dollars stop writing: “well, it’s only possible to really have $500,000 because of my current circumstances.”  The biggest problem with goal setting is that the majority of people just do not think big enough and therefore they unintentionally limit their own potential. If you want to learn my full-proof goal setting system, click here :) 


Act and Grow Rich – Become a Master of Discipline and Execute your plan

“If you do not know what you want from life, everything will appear either as an obstacle or a burden.” -Matthew Kelly

 The majority of people live their life by default.  We are creating yours by design. Do you want to decide where and when you make progress, or instead just let others decide for you? It is your choice.

 “Shall we have a vision of the destination to be reached, the dangers to be avoided, or shall we simply drift?” -Charles Hannal

 Developing Discipline in Your Life, like anything worth having, takes hard work.

If you want a nicely manicured lawn, a strong and trustworthy relationship, or a well-written article – you must nurture and cultivate it. You must discipline yourself to focus on what is important to you in order to develop it into something of value and worth.

 Without Discipline, Growth is Impossible

If you lived in a million-dollar home, would you do whatever necessary to protect it? You would probably install a security system. But, unless you arm that security system while you are away, it is useless in protecting your million-dollar investment, wouldn’t you agree?  You are that million-dollar investment.  You are a valuable resource with an installed security system of sales tools in hand. But, we need to be sure you know how to “arm” your systems.

While the old saying, “Practice makes Perfect,” isn’t always true, the saying, “Practice makes permanent,” does hold true. When we consistently practice and train for the skills we desire to hold, they become a permanent part of who we are. The skillset moves from being something we desire to do, to being a permanent fixture in our lives. We are what we do.

 Success Formula:

  • Know your outcome (clarity is power).
  • Know why it’s a must (purpose =power).
  • Know what you are getting. (First two weeks)
  • Change your approach…UNTIL…you get your outcome!



  • Get clear on your outcome.
  • Get a system to follow (make yourself replaceable).
  • Set aside scheduled blocks of time for money producing activities.
  • Time adds up in minutes, not days.
  • Control your time with your choices, not with your feelings.
  • Get an accountability partner, and you set yourself up for success.

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