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The Connection Between Self-Worth and Time Management


What or who do we let waste our time and why?  Does your Facebook persona match who you really are and how you see yourself?  Numerous studies are proving that Facebook can create sadness or depression.  Why?  Perhaps we compare ourselves to the greener grass in our feed?  I have a friend that posts the perfect family photos, but her husband is cheating on her.  Is the photo depicted an accurate snapshot of that relationship?  Studies have proven that when you project a different realty than what you are really experiencing it heightens ones anxiety. When you view your life as valuable, you’ll view your time that way too. The level to which you love yourself, your self-worth and how you choose to spend your time run hand in hand.

Your time is dictated by what you value most… If you don’t value yourself, then your time is not valued by any standard and thus wasted by who or what you allow to waste it.

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