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Are You Tolerating Disrespect?

Do you have friends that post on Facebook, all day long, but fail to return your phone call or text? .. They are fake-Facebook friends … not real friends.  You might be tolerating disrespect.

Do you have people in your life that don’t call when they say they will?  … These are people not worth associating with.  You might ask, “Why? They are good people. But they just can’t manage their time well.”  Unfortunately, they can’t manage themselves well and if they ditch you that means you are tolerating disrespect. We teach people how to treat us.  As my mother always echoed in my ear, “you deserve what you tolerate.”  People that don’t tell the whole truth, tell white lies, or worse don’t admit that they lied when caught, are all examples of people who you need to believe their actions more than their words.    I used to teach Dale Carnegie classes and I will never forget...

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How to Get Unstuck (End Self-Sabotage)

I’m a sales coach, so why don’t I share with you how to sell yourself, on yourself.  Too many times I find people succeeding in one area of life but sabotaging themselves in another.  Let’s get you “unstuck.”

If you have found yourself sabotaging yourself, meaning you have a positive intention, but your behavior doesn’t match your goal/intention, then you are stuck.  The first step to freedom is asking yourself this one question.  “What do I have to believe to…?”

What do you have to believe to increase your income?

What do you have to believe to maintain a slim figure?

What do you have to believe to stay consistent in (fill in the blank)?

When you start asking better questions, you start to shift.  First it must be mental, your body is controlled by your mind.  So, you must have a new thought, a new idea, a new perspective to make any form of change.  You can start by writing down what you wish...

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How to Reduce Stress & Worry

How to Stop Stressing and Create Harmony Peace & Joy ~ By Tamara Bunte

Anxiety, panic attacks, worry and stress are experiences that I am very familiar with, in fact I created an entire CD program dedicated to it because as a sales coach, how can I support someone to making more money if they feel like they are going to be sick when picking up the phone, or when the loss of a contract plummets them into a tailspin of grief and fear?

A joyful heart makes a cheerful face, but when the heart is sad, the spirit is broken.  The mind of the intelligent seeks knowledge. (Proverbs 15:13-14) 

Whatever your heart is filled with your lips will overflow with.  You must guard your heart, which means you must be on guard to what you allow your thoughts to think about.  This ultimately means you must control your environment.  It doesn’t matter how motived you are or how strong willed you can be, your imagination is stronger than your will.  If you allow...

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I’m a Control Freak, Shouldn’t I Be Thinner and Richer?

All things are lawful, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful, but not all things build up. (1 Corinthians 10:23)

I remember starting a diet when I was in college saying, “I’m going to plunge into moderation.” There is an oxymoron that exists in all of us. It is usually based on the “If / then” lie. If I could just lose fifteen pounds, then I would be happy. If I just make X amount of money, then I will be successful. The problem is anytime we place blame outside of ourselves we lose our power. There is one phrase that outlines the main cause to everyone’s problems. It’s in the old story we repeat every year, over and over, as to why we don’t have what we want.

I’m overweight because everyone in my family is overweight; it’s in my genes. Therefore, I am not responsible.

I’m not being paid what I’m worth because I didn’t go to college, or I did go to college and...

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